Fair Housing: Are You Up to the "Test?"

8 modules

Course Length
3 hours

Scott Moore


In this exciting new training, the learner takes on the role of a newly-hired tester and learns the basics of fair housing.  The "tester" is taught what to look for when evaluating properties for possible fair housing discrimination claims.  Once the learner knows what testers are looking for, they can apply the principles and knowledge they gained to their real-life role in property management!

The course contains six instruction modules:

Module 1:  Introduction to Testing, Laws, and Discrimination

Module 2:  Enforcement Mechanisms and Remedies

Module 3:  Interacting with Potential Tenants

Module 4:  Introduction to Accessibility Requirements

Module 5:  Reasonable Accommodation and Reasonable Modification

Module 6:  Introduction to Harassment in Housing

The course includes a downloadable comprehensive fill-in-the-blanks manual which once completed becomes an excellent desk reference for fair housing issues.  The manual's appendix includes important and valuable documents.  

Once enrolled you will have six months unlimited access to the course.  

You can take the course at your own pace -- start, stop, return later and resume where you left off.

Upon successful completion of the course materials and the course exam (50 T/F and Multiple Choice Questions), you will be able to print your own Certificate stating that you have completed three hours of online fair housing training.


Objective:  To provide multifamily housing personnel with excellent fair housing training through an interactive and entertaining course.  The trainee will take on the role of a tester and will learn what testers do and what they look for when evaluating a property for possible accessibility violations and other discrimination.  The trainee will learn:

What testers do and what they look for
The basics of three federal fair housing laws (Fair Housing Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act)
The seven protected classes
What discrimination is and ways to avoid discriminating
Enforcement mechanisms and remedies
Who can file a lawsuit, who can be sued, what damages may be awarded, statute of limitations
Best practices for interacting with potential tenants to insure fair housing laws are followed
Accessibility requirements
Reasonable Accommodation and Reasonable Modification
Harassment in Housing 


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Fair Housing: Are You Up to the "Test?"

Course Welcome and Workbook
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Module1: Introduction to Testing, Laws, and Discrimination
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Module2: Enforcement Mechanisms and Remedies
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Module3: Interacting with Potential Tenants
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Module 4: Introduction to Accessibility
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Module5: Reasonable Accommodation and Reasonable Modification
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Module 6: Harassment in Housing
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Are You Up to the Test? EXAM
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