Common Household Eligibility Errors

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As owners or managers of multifamily housing, we never want to make an error that allows the admission of an ineligible household or rejects a household that is eligible. But, if you’re responsible for preparing or reviewing tenant files, chances are you have made mistakes in determining household eligibility. 

Household eligibility errors are commonly discovered during file audits conducted by an internal compliance department, third-party compliance contractor, housing agency, or an investor. 

During this 90-minute webinar, Gary Kirkman will go over the most common errors discovered during file audits and show you how you can learn from these mistakes so that they don’t happen again.

The information provided will help you take a closer look at your own files to make sure that you are ready for the next file audit.

This webinar is great for all on-site personnel whether you’re just beginning in the industry or just need a refresher course on best practices for documenting findings and how to correctly calculate and determine household eligibility.

 Topics include:

  •       Proper Documentation of Findings
  •       Common Eligibility Errors Discovered during File Audits
  •       Correctly Determining Income from Wages
  •       Determining Annual Income from Social Security
  •       Cash & Non-Cash Contributions
  •       The Effect of Student Financial Assistance on Eligibility

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Common Household Eligibility Errors
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